1. Just letting everyone know that I won’t be on here a lot in the next few days……

    My laptop’s hard drive completely fried and so now I have no computer and my phone’s wi-fi for this website is shitty. 

    Ugh. My life in shambles.

  2. I just don’t ever want to sleep. Gah. What is wrong with me?

    Too much on my mind!

  3. I want a tattoo sleeve or I like the idea of a dream catcher with music notes on it but I don’t want to pay for that and I’m going to be a teacher so that’s not going to work either…..

    Ugh. I just want another tattoo.

  4. Ugh having massive anxiety that just won’t go away.

  5. Off to watch a little of Scott Pilgrim to cheer me up after the news that I just got about my crush…

  6. I just have no motivation to study for aesthetics or write my paper for English….

    My brain is just like….


    Ugh…… I don’t wanna.

    Someone help me.


  7. You know what I want?

    I want someone to talk to who’s not my mom or a girl.

    To have a conversation with someone I care about without worrying if he’ll get offended.

    To just have a conversation about anything, my worries, stuff that we like, or the interesting thing that happen on the bus.

    To know that he’ll be there for me through my ups and downs.

    To have his eyes light up when he sees me even if I look like crap.

    To receive forehead kisses.

    And to be in his arms.

    To be his whole world.

    I just want that feeling again.

  8. How am I still awake? I didn’t take my Tuesday nap today…… Usually I can’t keep my eyes open and now it’s just like, “Nope, you’re not allowed to feel sleepy.”

    Damn insomnia. 

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